Monday, October 6, 2008


Los Angeles, CA (October 6, 2008) – When students went back to school this year, many were met with the news of a new gossip site launching on their campus. Over the past month, JuicyCampus (, the totally anonymous college gossip site, has been adding campuses at a rate that could make your head spin. The site expanded from 63 campuses to 499 in just over a month, by adding campuses in groups like “Biggest Party Schools” and “Biggest Stoners” (for a complete list of the groups and campuses, see their blog at Already, many students on these campuses have become addicted to the juice, with thousands of daily visitors to the site.

Today, the site added it’s 500th campus, Gettysburg College. “Nothing is more American than the right to Freedom of Speech” said President and CEO of JuicyCampus, Matt Ivester. “We thought it fitting for JuicyCampus’ 500th campus to be one of the most American colleges out there, Gettysburg College.”

Gettysburg itself also has significance for JuicyCampus. Ivester says “Just as Gettysburg was the turning point during the Civil War, we hope Gettysburg will be the turning point where JuicyCampus moves past the resistance put up by campus Administrations and students are free to discuss the topics that interest them most. JuicyCampus is, in Lincoln’s famous words, the website ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people.’”