Friday, April 4, 2008

People Magazine just got JUICIER!!!

That’s right folks, be sure to check out People Magazine this week – JuicyCampus is being featured. And while we’re sure it won’t be a positive story (are any these days?), we’re hoping they put us next to a picture of Beyonce – that’s when we’ll really know we’ve made it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow -- a lot of press last week...

Check it out!...

The Inquirer - Harrow, England, UK

Silicon Alley Insider - New York, NY

BlawBlog -

Washington Times - Washington, DC

Jurugan Blog -

Culpeper Star Exponent - Culpeper, VA

Startup Earth -

Daily Cents -

International Herald Tribune – France

InsideVandy - Nashville, TN

U.S. News & World Report - Washington, DC

fresh wordpress installation -

Popehat -

Ars Technica - Boston, MA

CBS News - New York, NY

wtbu -

College of Charlston George Street... -

Most important is to be true. -

Sometimes a girl needs a blog -

Red and Black - Athens, GA

New Zealand Herald - New Zealand

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT - Dallas, TX

UI The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, IA

Villanovan - Villanova, PA

WSNBlogs -


The Star-Ledger - – Newark, NJ

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT

NYU Washington Square News - New York, NY

Daily Illini - Champaign, IL

Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA

San Jose Mercury News – CA

U Weekly - Columbus, OH

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT

Princeton University The Daily Princetonian – NJ

Daily 49er - Long Beach, CA

San Francisco Chronicle

Hartford Courant,0,6308002.story

San Jose Mercury News

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian - Amherst, MA

Gothamist – NY