Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Juicy Names?

Over the past few weeks we've received several emails asking us to remove posts that use people's full names. It's not an easy issue to tackle, and our policy will evolve as the site continues to grow. But here's how we have answered those concerns thus far...

Two of the biggest problems we face when considering this issue are how strict to be and how exactly to implement some sort of restriction.

For example, should people be allowed to use the names of professors? What about people in student government? Athletes? It seems obvious that a total ban on names would be overbroad, but that leaves us in the position of trying to decide which names to allow. We don't have the resources to determine who people are, and whether others should be allowed to talk about them, and we don't think most people would want to leave that decision up to us anyway.

But what if we decided to eliminate all posts with names? How would we implement it? Could we create a filter? But then people will just start writing Jo-h-nn_y instead of Johnny. Could we manually screen all posts? No, we could not. Already, JuicyCampus has tens of thousands of posts and replies, and we are growing rapidly.

So, for now, we leave it to our users to decide how they want to use the site, and what they think is appropriate (subject to our Terms and Conditions).