Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday Night Magazine

SNM is the hot college magazine that's read on hundreds of campuses across the US. Check out their piece on JuicyCampus!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ivester to Speak at Georgetown

President & CEO of, Matt Ivester, will be making his first public appearane since the launch of his controversial website. The Georgetown Lecture Fund will be hosting Mr. Ivester in the ICC Auditorium Tuesday evening at 8:30pm. Ivester will be speaking to students at Georgetown University about how he started the site, it's explosive growth and its controversial nature. After his speech, Ivester will be taking questions from the audience.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Courts uphold right to IP anonymity on college campuses

A recent court case held that universities that take federal funds (which is most) MUST give students notice that their IP address has been subpoenaed AND give them an opportunity to quash the subpoena.

So this basically means that even if your IP address was subpoenaed you'd have a chance to quash the whole thing before anyone even found out you were the author. This is a huge step forward for the right to anonymous speech on college campuses!


Monday, October 6, 2008


Los Angeles, CA (October 6, 2008) – When students went back to school this year, many were met with the news of a new gossip site launching on their campus. Over the past month, JuicyCampus (, the totally anonymous college gossip site, has been adding campuses at a rate that could make your head spin. The site expanded from 63 campuses to 499 in just over a month, by adding campuses in groups like “Biggest Party Schools” and “Biggest Stoners” (for a complete list of the groups and campuses, see their blog at Already, many students on these campuses have become addicted to the juice, with thousands of daily visitors to the site.

Today, the site added it’s 500th campus, Gettysburg College. “Nothing is more American than the right to Freedom of Speech” said President and CEO of JuicyCampus, Matt Ivester. “We thought it fitting for JuicyCampus’ 500th campus to be one of the most American colleges out there, Gettysburg College.”

Gettysburg itself also has significance for JuicyCampus. Ivester says “Just as Gettysburg was the turning point during the Civil War, we hope Gettysburg will be the turning point where JuicyCampus moves past the resistance put up by campus Administrations and students are free to discuss the topics that interest them most. JuicyCampus is, in Lincoln’s famous words, the website ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people.’”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smarticle -- Carnegie Mellon

We thought this was a pretty smart article from the Editorial Board at Carnegie Mellon. Check it out...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#3 Hottest Trend on Google

JuicyCampus -- so hot right now!!!

Monday JuicyCampus was the number three hottest trend on Google…

PS -- The new JuicyCampus is coming. No more slowness. Hundreds more campuses. 6 days...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Juicy on the RADIO!!!

NPR -- not typically a "juicy" station, got a bit juicier yesterday. They did a whole segment about how awesome JuicyCampus is. Check it out...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

T-Minus 12 days...

The new JuicyCampus is coming on Septemer 2, 2008. We've totally redesigned the site, and it's juicier than ever...

Oh, and did we mention we're coming to more campuses? A LOT more campuses...

Thursday, May 29, 2008 Wants Your Help!

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 29, 2008) –, the college gossip site that has become a pop culture phenomenon over the past few months, is asking its users for help in finding the elusive line between acceptable and unacceptable posts.

Matt Ivester, CEO and Founder of said, “JuicyCampus has grown much more quickly, and has become much more controversial than we ever expected. We want to make sure that we’re providing users with a platform where they can get the juiciest gossip. Today, we’re asking our users to let us know how much moderation they consider appropriate – which posts are juicy and which are trash? Where should we draw the line?”

To facilitate discussion of how JuicyCampus could be improved before the next school year starts, the site has announced the addition of a new “campus.” Now, users can type “JuicyCampus” into the campus selection box instead of their campus’ name, and they will be directed to a page dedicated to discussing how to change and improve the site.

“We’re planning to review the thoughts and opinions of our users on the site and take these into consideration as our policies evolve. Our users have made us popular, and we want to make sure that they are involved in the process of any changes that we might make,” said Ivester.

JuicyCampus has already taken some steps to protect its users. For example, the site is not crawled by search engines. This means that if someone were to Google your name, they will not find anything that was posted about you on JuicyCampus. The site also deletes any contact information if a user asks for it to be removed. But some say that they should go further and there has been talk of adding a reporting mechanism for flagging posts, having posts expire after a certain amount of time, or even going so far as to hire a huge staff of full time employees to read every post.

Ivester continues, “As JuicyCampus continues to expand, we want to make sure that we are meeting our users’ needs. And who better to tell us about their needs than them?” And the best news is yet to come, with an expected expansion to several hundred more campuses this Fall, and big announcements during the summer and for “Back to School.”

Friday, May 16, 2008

20/20 + JuicyCampus = Too Popular!!!

As many of you may know, we're going to be on 20/20 tonight. Be sure to check it out!

And while we're psyched about the piece, this kind of popularity also has its drawbacks -- we're getting so much traffic that the site can't handle it!!! That's right, it hasn't even aired yet, so just based on their lead-in pieces we're getting this much traffic. It's crazy! Sorry if you haven't been able to get on the site. Hang tight, and try again later. And of course, keep it juicy!

The JuicyCampus Team

Thursday, May 1, 2008

JuicyCampus -- A Little Taste of World Peace...

These girls are amazing. We love you too ladies!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

People Magazine just got JUICIER!!!

That’s right folks, be sure to check out People Magazine this week – JuicyCampus is being featured. And while we’re sure it won’t be a positive story (are any these days?), we’re hoping they put us next to a picture of Beyonce – that’s when we’ll really know we’ve made it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow -- a lot of press last week...

Check it out!...

The Inquirer - Harrow, England, UK

Silicon Alley Insider - New York, NY

BlawBlog -

Washington Times - Washington, DC

Jurugan Blog -

Culpeper Star Exponent - Culpeper, VA

Startup Earth -

Daily Cents -

International Herald Tribune – France

InsideVandy - Nashville, TN

U.S. News & World Report - Washington, DC

fresh wordpress installation -

Popehat -

Ars Technica - Boston, MA

CBS News - New York, NY

wtbu -

College of Charlston George Street... -

Most important is to be true. -

Sometimes a girl needs a blog -

Red and Black - Athens, GA

New Zealand Herald - New Zealand

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT - Dallas, TX

UI The Daily Iowan - Iowa City, IA

Villanovan - Villanova, PA

WSNBlogs -


The Star-Ledger - – Newark, NJ

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT

NYU Washington Square News - New York, NY

Daily Illini - Champaign, IL

Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA

San Jose Mercury News – CA

U Weekly - Columbus, OH

Yale Daily News - New Haven, CT

Princeton University The Daily Princetonian – NJ

Daily 49er - Long Beach, CA

San Francisco Chronicle

Hartford Courant,0,6308002.story

San Jose Mercury News

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian - Amherst, MA

Gothamist – NY

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Juicy is BACK!

We've reconfigured our code and re-enabled all those fabulous features you've been dying to have back...

And the good news is we've got more friends than ever, which means more juicy gossip for everyone! Sometimes, being popular is totally sweet...

Keep it Juicy!
The JuicyCampus Team

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too Popular! / Disabled Features

Many of the features typically available on JuicyCampus have been disabled because of the massive number of visitors coming to the site as a result of the recent press that we have received. It's hard being popular!

We hope to have all functionality enabled again by the end of the week.

Keep it Juicy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Features!

We've been working around the clock to add some of the most requested features to JuicyCampus. And while there are still a ton of new features in the works, we're pleased to announce a few new ones today:

Most notably, you'll notice the new "Latest Replies" tab at the top. This was our number one most user requested feature. Clicking this tab allows you to see the posts in order of most recent reply.

Also, we've made a slight change to our deletion settings. Now you control the posts you've made. If you accidentally post something, just delete it. If you post something and then regret it, just delete it. You still can't change your original posts (because then we run into the problem of the replies potentially not making sense), but now you can delete them.*

Also, we've integrated a new text editor, which is supported across Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. As a part of this change, we've instituted a 2,000 character limit.

And finally, we've added a link where you can sign up for our newsletter. In fact, sign up now by clicking here!

Keep it Juicy,
The JuicyCampus Team

*Post must have been made from a cookie-enabled browser. Deletion must occur from the same computer as the original post was made.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hate isn't Juicy. A letter from the Founder of

Hey Juicy Campers,

Thanks so much for your support over the past few months! We’ve grown bigger and faster than we ever expected, and we owe it all to you.

You’ve posted thousands and thousands of messages spanning a whole wide range of juicy topics. There are hilarious posts about drunken antics, helpful posts about classes and professors, and thought provoking posts about race, gender and sexuality. As you know, the site is pretty entertaining now!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been fun and games. Some of the things that have been posted have been mean-spirited, and we have received emails from people claiming to have been defamed on the site. Our hope for the site has always been that JuicyCampus would be a place for fun, lighthearted gossip, rather than a place to tear down people or groups.

We want you to be able to post about the topics that are most important, interesting and entertaining to you. We want you to share truthful stories about the hilarious things that you and your friends are doing on the weekends. We want you to post about the real-life scandals that are happening in Student Government, and in the Administration. We want you to give your opinions on the best and worst classes and professors. We want you to make JuicyCampus Juicy, not hateful.

So, we appeal to you to keep JuicyCampus the fun place that it was meant to be. Please consider whether your post is entertaining or just mean, and whether using a person’s full name really adds value, or if it would be just as juicy as a blind item. Remember that words can hurt, and the people you are talking about are real. Ultimately, JuicyCampus is created by our users, and we ask that you please take this responsibility seriously.

Keep it Juicy,

Matt Ivester

A (boring) note from our lawyers:

All users of are subject to’s Terms and Conditions, which can be read here.

Please be advised that Juicy Campus is not the author of the posts that appear on the site. Rather, Juicy Campus is the provider of an interactive computer service. As such, pursuant to 47 U.S.C. Section 230, Juicy Campus is immune from liability arising from content posted by users.

New Campus -- JuicyCampus!

There seem to be students who have a strong desire to discuss JuicyCampus itself, so in order to enable this, while minimizing disruption to other users looking for campus gossip, we've added "JuicyCampus" as one of our campuses. Just type "JuicyCampus" into the "Choose your Campus" box.

Now you've got a place where you can talk about how much you love or hate JuicyCampus, additional features that you would like added, and to what degree you think the site should be moderated.

Because posts about JuicyCampus and its employees aren't school specific, and aren't college gossip, any posts about JuicyCampus not in this area will be considered spam.

New News about Juicy...

The Press flood continues... Enjoy!





University of Nebraska

Western Illinois University




Virginia Tech

Carnegie Mellon

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Associated Press does an Article...

Wow, over the past week, we have gotten A LOT of press. About half of it has been from an article put out by the Associated press. Below is a list of sites that picked up the story...

Edmonton Sun



NY Daily News

Star-Telegram Dallas-Forthworth TX


CBS Boston

Indepth Blog

Transworld News


Post Chronicle




ABC 7 news

Cox San Diego

Coloardo State U

Gainesville Sun

Reading Eagle

Yahoo News

News Tin


Boston Now

CBS Local News North Carolina


Washington Post

Washington Times

Sunday, February 24, 2008

We're expanding again!

That's right, the Juice is coming to 25 more campuses!

Be sure to request your campus this week by using the link below so that it can be considered...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Server - Faster Juice

As of 8am PST this morning JuicyCampus is now being hosted on an ultra fast mega server. Now the whole world can get the juice, and we'll still be fast. Thanks for sticking it out with us during the upgrade!

Keep it Juicy,
The JuicyCampus Team

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Juicy Press

People are really starting to pay attention to JuicyCampus.

Here's some of the recent Press...

From the UCLA paper...
Campus gossip Web sites satisfy curious students while bringing up ...

And we were on the Shepard Smith show on Fox News...

Too Popular -- Mega Servers Coming Soon

As many of you know, being popular can be tough...

Every day thousands and thousands more people are discovering JuicyCampus. There is more juicy gossip on the site than ever before! But as a result of all these visitors, the site has slowed down -- our servers can't handle the juice.

SO... we're upgrading servers. We're getting state-of-the-art mega servers, that will be able to handle us. We hope to have the site back to it's original fast speed soon, and we thank you for you patience while we work this out.

Keep it Juicy,
The JuicyCampus Team

50 More Campuses

So we forgot to actually officially announce that we added 50 more campuses, so...

JuicyCampus is proud to welcome the following 50 additional campuses...

Air Force
Arizona State Univesity
Auburn University
Baylor University
Bob Jones
Boston College
Boston University
Cal State - Long Beach
Chapman University
Davidson College
DePaul University
Emory University
Harding University
Michigan State
New York University
Notre Dame University
Penn State Univesrity
Southern Methodist University
SUNY - Buffalo
Texas A&M
Texas Christian University
The Ohio State University
Tulane University
U Penn
UC Berkeley
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
University of Arizona
University of Florida
University of Illinois
University of Miami
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
University of San Diego
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Vanderbilt University
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest University

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Juicy in the News

Here's the latest press...

An article at Pepperdine

And a response to the events described in that article

And an article at Cornell...

Juicy Names?

Over the past few weeks we've received several emails asking us to remove posts that use people's full names. It's not an easy issue to tackle, and our policy will evolve as the site continues to grow. But here's how we have answered those concerns thus far...

Two of the biggest problems we face when considering this issue are how strict to be and how exactly to implement some sort of restriction.

For example, should people be allowed to use the names of professors? What about people in student government? Athletes? It seems obvious that a total ban on names would be overbroad, but that leaves us in the position of trying to decide which names to allow. We don't have the resources to determine who people are, and whether others should be allowed to talk about them, and we don't think most people would want to leave that decision up to us anyway.

But what if we decided to eliminate all posts with names? How would we implement it? Could we create a filter? But then people will just start writing Jo-h-nn_y instead of Johnny. Could we manually screen all posts? No, we could not. Already, JuicyCampus has tens of thousands of posts and replies, and we are growing rapidly.

So, for now, we leave it to our users to decide how they want to use the site, and what they think is appropriate (subject to our Terms and Conditions).

Juicy Campus Launches at 50 more campuses...

Juicy Campus has expanded to 50 new college campuses. Check them all out here...

Monday, January 28, 2008

JuicyCampus too popular!

As many of you know, being popular just isn't easy. In fact, sometimes it's really tough.

Yesterday, we had so many visitors on that our site couldn't handle it, and we had to take it down for a day.

The good news is, we're back up and running!

We're sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your support.

Keep it Juicy!
The JuicyCampus Team

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus!

It's going to be a big semester on JuicyCampus!

We're getting ready to expand to more schools and add a bunch of new features, so check back often.

And as ever, we'd love to hear from our users, so if you have ideas about how the site could be better, would like to request your campus, or whatever, just let us know at

-The JuicyCampus Team

PS -- Did you see our article in Newsweek? If not, check it out here...

We got picked up on WRAL in NC

date Dec 23, 2007 6:52 PM
subject press coverage

Juicy Campus,

Great site--a wonderful place for students to vent; keep it up! In
addition to the press articles listed on your blog, WRAL, the CBS
affiliate for the Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, NC market has an
aritcle on your site due to a posting that has stirred up some feeling
on the Duke campus. The article is here: