Sunday, December 9, 2007

Juicy Anonymity

Sometimes our users say it even better than we can. Here's a reply to the post "Juicy Campus is Traceable!"...

Uhhhh duh? Everything you do on the internet is traceable as long as you´re using private computer. This is especially true for college networks where they log who is plugged into each network outlet and have your unique network card address.
Nothing is anonymous on the internet.
The best thing a person can do on a personal computer is disguise or reroute their identity, but even that will be traceable 99.999% of the time.

If you are, however, really intent on sending your Grandma Lucy a Christmas message 100% anonymously for whatever silly reason, you would have to use an unmonitored public computer on a public connection (also making sure you did not type your plans into Google or Facebook at some point along the way).

As for the dumbass who posted the message that has garnered so much attention on CNN... he deserved what he got. Do you really think Juicy Campus is going to stand up to the police on privacy issues, compromise their web site, and defend a student like that? Pshhhhh.....

You shouldn´t have anything to worry about, unless you´ve got something to hide! :)

If your school calls upset about some girl being called a slut, we're not handing over access to our server data. If the LAPD calls telling us there is a shooting threat, you better believe we're gonna help them...